Monday, September 17, 2012

Manly Monday: Studly and Smart

I'm participating in Stupid Stork's Manly Monday, so today I'll introduce you to my husband, a gregarious hottie who is the best husband in the world.  Not that I'm biased.  Here are a few things about him.
  • He is a brainiac.  Valedictorian in high school, PhD at a leading university in a highly challenging field, and overall genius.  You'd think that being so good at the PhD subject would limit his brain's capacity for other areas, but no.  He has a wide variety of interests and is well-versed in everything from music ("I believe this is Schubert's 8th piano concerto") to carpentry ("I'll put in a cross-beam there so the force on the supporting I-beam will not be too great").  He ends up teaching me a lot.
  • A twist to his personality is that in contrast to his massive cerebral content, he has a horrible memory.  He says it's only horrible for minutiae, but I wonder why remembering key points about me from our first date qualifies as minutiae.  He will never live this one down.  On the first date, he asked me the basics, or at least the basics if you are straightforward and not playing games:  what do you want to do after grad school, do you plan to stay in the area, do you want kids (yes, he asked that!).  Then, on the second date, he asked me the exact same questions.  As the date went on, I became more and more deflated.  I thought he had forgotten everything because I was just one of many dates and he couldn't be bothered to remember my specifics.  By the end of the night, we were making out, so I had renewed faith that he must like me.
  • He has an incredibly goofy side and constantly makes me giggle.  We often make crack each other up by making up words or nicknames for things.  TV shows become Breakie Baddie, 'Resty (Arrested Development), Dancey (So You Think You Can Dance).  If you were a fly on our wall, you'd be gagging with the cuteness so we have to tone it down around other people.
  • He's disarmingly cute and has the sexiest voice ever.  He can charm and talk to anyone; he's the life of the party yang to my, um, good listener(?) yin.
  • He's so good-looking and charismatic that even my 84-year-old grandmother flirts with him.  She constantly reminds me how lucky I am, as in "how did you manage to snag him?"  I laugh off the, uh, slight insult, and she's kinda right.  He really is that special.


  1. Ha! You two are super-cute in the gag-me category. ; ) Nice post!

  2. Awww! I love to read about couples that make me wanna vom. You two are seriously too cute and I'm glad you have each other.

  3. That is so great. I love hearing about the husbands...they often get forgotten about on here don't they? He sound like a quite the catch!

  4. I love it. It's great to hear about this part of your life. My partner is a bit of a nerd and has, well, not the greatest memory too.

  5. The "exact same questions on the second Match date" part of this made me think of this guy:

    I think that's where the comparisons end!

    1. Ok, hate to admit this husband had some kind of elaborate organization system, too, for keeping track of dates. But not as bad as that guy. Hubster had my profile printed out and took it out on our first date, hee!